PRIDE – Parent Resources for Information, Development, and Education

Pride is a model for the development and support of resource families designed to strengthen the quality of family foster care by providing a standardized, structured framework for recruiting, preparing, and selecting foster parents.  It also provides foster parent inservice training and ongoing professional development.

The program is based on the philosophy that the value of family life for children, however family is defined, is compelling.  Because of this, knowledgeable and skilled foster parents and adoptive parents are integral to providing quality services.  They, like social workers, should be qualified, prepared, developed, selected, and licensed or certified to work as members of a professional team equipped to protect and nurture children and strengthen families.
The PRIDE Program’s goals are to help:

  1. Meet the protective, developmental, cultural, and permanency needs of children placed with foster families.
  2. Strengthen families, whether they are families of origin, blended families, extended or kinship families, foster families, adoptive families, or members of a tribe or clan.
  3. Strengthen the quality of family foster care and adoption services by providing a standardized, structured framework for preservice training and mutual assessment; for foster parent inservice training; and for ongoing professional development.
  4. Share resources among public and voluntary child welfare agencies, colleges and universities, foster parent and adoptive parent associations, and national child welfare organizations.



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