Family Support

The Family Support Program objective is to ensure the safety & well being of our First Nations children on reserves by supporting culturally appropriate prevention and protection services for children & families in accordance with legislation & standards of Saskatchewan Province Child & Welfare.

The Agency Chiefs Child & Family Services (ACCFS) believes that by supporting our community families we maintain a safe and healthy environment for our children. 
In response to the needs of our families we have developed a program to support our ACTC community families.  The “Family Support Program” is a unique approach towards working with our community in protecting the child and the family.  Our goal is to ensure the safety and well being of our children and their family in our communities, to support culturally appropriate prevention and protection services within accordance of the Saskatchewan Province Child and Family Service legislation and standards.

Our Family Support Program is a resource for ALL our families.  As parents we all have limited resources and we all have questions.  Most parents don’t have the emotional support or extended family support to help with the everyday parenting problems.  The family support program is a place to turn to when having difficulties.
We Offer:
· One on one support
· Group support
· Community Resources
· Parenting Classes
· Baby Sitting Courses
· Respect
· Culturally

One on one
The family support program is providing parenting classes for individuals who do not want to participate in group settings.  ACCFS staff will come to your home and provide these services to you .  The parenting classes will be made specifically for the individual requesting these services.

Group Sessions
ACCFS Family Support Program will be hosting parenting classes for anyone wanting to attend. 
The parenting classes are going to be a support system for the families attending.  There will be a wide range of topics to discuss for all age groups.  The classes will be once a week total of 8 week period delivered to each community.
The parenting classes will help parents to learn their limitations and discuss where to look and seek resources within their respective communities.  Some topics that will be discussed are appropriate babysitting, dealing with mis-behaviours, how to talk to your child about certain topics and other day to day responsibilities.
The classes are going to be open for any questions and any discussions.

 For more information contact ACCFS Family Support Program Staff
 Toll free 1888 225 2244

Pelican Lake First Nation
Audrey Thomas Ph 883 7226

Witchekan Lake First Nation
Jaynelle Frenchmen Ph883 7326

Big River First Nation
Curtis Morin Ph 883 8690
Bev Morin Ph 883-9316

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