1/  The case manager will upon receiving a complaint of child abuse do a follow up home visit with the family at their home.  The child will be interviewed with parental consent.  If both of the parents are the offenders, the workers will not seek their consent on this interview but will conduct the interview at a neutral location.

2/  The case manager will interview the child whether the child is at home or at school.  The case manager will obtain information on the situation of the child abuse concern.  In the even the child does a disclosure of sexual abuse or physical abuse, the case manager will obtain certain facts then she/he will stop the interview and refocus the child on other aspects of his/her home life.  The case manager must send the child to a doctor for a second opinion.  The case manager must take a photograph of the assault on this child.

3/  The case manager will report the incident to the local RCMP office.  The case manager will give all the details about the sexual abuse or physical abuse.

4/  The case is assigned to a member of the RCMP to start an investigation.

5/  Once assigned by the Corporal or Sergeant of the RCMP, they will notify the case manager for an appointment to complete the criminal investigation with the victim.

6/  The RCMP will conduct the criminal investigation in order to substantiate the crime of sexual abuse or physical abuse.

7/  The child will be interviewed in a neutral setting away from his/her parents.  The case manager has to be present on this interview in order to provide moral support to the child and help explain to the child that it is not his/her fault about what has happened.  The child needs to be reassured that it is right to report such incidents.  This will help stop the child abuse.

8/  Once the interview is completed, the child and parents can be referred to a mental health therapist or sexual abuse therapist for counseling.

9/  The child can be referred to a court preparation program for sexual abuse victims or a similar program.  This court preparation will help the child feel more comfortable in a court room.  The child will have someone sitting in the court room that they trust and focus on when he/she feels threatened by the legal system.

10/ The RCMP that is responsible for the First Nation Bands are:
            a/  Witchekan Lake & Pelican Lake
                        Spiritwood R.C.M.P. Detachment      
                        (306) 883 4210
            b/  Big River Band
                        Big River R.C.M.P. Detachment
                        (306) 469 2590

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