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Authoriy of the Indian Child Welfare & Family Services Act

These standards are an expression of Treaty First Nations jurisdiction and authority over child and family services. Article X of the Indian Child Welfare and Family Support Act provides for the development of umbrella or regional standards which will be adjusted by First Nations and their agencies to meet their priorities, to benefit from their resources, and to respect their customs to support families and protect children. The purpose and intent of the Indian Child Welfare and Family Support Act provides guidelines in developing minimum standards which are incorporated into this manual.

First Nations children, parents and families have a right to a safe, well and harmonious life are protected and maintained in keeping with Indian values, traditions, culture and beliefs.

First Nations children have an inherited right to their culture and tradition. First Nations families and communities have the primary responsibility to keep their children safe and to nurture them in a healthy environment. Group Homes will support families to fulfill their responsibilities and provide services to foster unification. The services provided, meet and adequate standard of care, as defined by the community and are consistent with the spirit and intent of the Treaties.

In the event that alternate care is required, First Nations children will be placed in the care of a First Nations family, in a First Nations environment which supports the use of First Nations language and meaningful participation in cultural ceremonies and activities.

Adjudication and resolution of all matters under the Indian Child Welfare and Family Support Act will have access to a First Nations dispute resolution process.

First Nations may establish structures appropriate to their individual jurisdiction to better facilitate the delivery of child and family services.

Where the First Nations child has been separated from a parent or custodian and has been kept or removed from First Nations land, where the child or youth normally lives, the First Nation may take appropriate action to restore the child to First Nations jurisdiction, and where it is found to be in the child’s best interests, restore the child to the parent or custodian.

Mandate, Vision, And Mission Statements

A.C. Child & Family Services was born and mandated through Provincial Legislation to provide family support services to the people of Big River, Pelican Lake and Witchekan Lake First Nations in April 1997. Emphasis has always been placed on keeping families together and assisting the parents to take care of their children.
Our vision is to gain what has been lost over the years: language, values, and traditions. We want to keep our children in their native communities, offer hope to give them a brighter future, a sense of belonging and their native identity. Over all guidance is provided by our Mission and Vision Statements whose bottom line philosophy rests in Traditional Family Systems and the Circle of Life.
Full delegations have been included with the transfer of the Child and Family Services program to the A.C. Child & Family Services the full authority to act on child abuse concerns within the Big River, Pelican Lake and Witchekan Lake First Nations.
The delegations of authority are recognized throughout Saskatchewan, Canada and the United States of America for all native, non-native, Métis and/or any other nationality who reside on or off reserve lands.

  • On-reserve Lands: All children residing on-reserve lands will have access to A.C. Child & Family Services. This means that ACCFS have to have an active child protection status for all children, the only requirement is band residency.
  • Off-reserve Lands: In the event of children from the three member First Nations served under A.C. Child & Family Services are involved with the Department of Social Services, ACCFS will be notified well in advance of the court procedures. Failure to notify this office will be brought forth in an appeal hearing. The Department of Social Services need to consult with ACCFS to the future service planning of the families that are under Child and Family Services at all times.


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